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Mandrake Oil

Mandrake Oil

Mandrake Root Oil (TRUE) Mandragora Officinarum Witchcraft. Shipped with USPS First Class Package.


In my products I use true mandrake, from multiple locations in Europe. "American Mandrake" is not of the mandragora family and has properties of its own. To recognize false mandrake, it looks like twigs chopped up and its readily available and cheap, everwhere.

The mandrake varieties I grow are Autumnalis, Officinarum and Turcomanica.


This oil was steeped with a mandragora officinarum from the Voras Mountains in Greece. Added in the bottle is a sediment, I use the soil that my mandrakes have grown in, for this. By adding that material in the oil, its a bit of extra grounding, power and strength.


Use the oil for anointing your spellwork, petitions, use as a conjure oil and put on candles. This will give you the power of true mandrake for your workings. Each oil will ship with a little info pamphlet with guidance and inspiration. The wax seals on the bottles are infused with basil for extra prosperity.


1/2 ounce of mineral oil in a clear glass apothecary bottle. Not for consumption, okay to contact skin, but not made for the body. I will be developing a skin ointment for ritual use, in the coming months.

Be cautious, mandrake is powerful in its magical applications. Everything is sold as is, no returns, see photos for details of the item. Feel free to ask any questions. :)

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