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Eros Body Potion

Eros Body Potion

In a nutshell - this is extreme sexy-time, erotica, attraction. It's made to be painted onto the skin, in sigil-fashion. Place this in a visible place, like your chest or neck, where the person or people will be in visual contact with it, unknowingly. :)  Also applicable in all practices, as an oil of sorts. (Petitions, workings, offerings, etc.) Naturally colored, nothing false or man-made inside. Every one of the 20+ ingredients are in alignment and dedication to Eros- God of Love, Sex, Same Sex, Sexy Time, and Beyond. Eros is erotic. 


Not made for consumption, external use only. Everything is sold as is, no returns, see photos for details of the item. Feel free to ask any questions. :)

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