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Divination Oil

Divination Oil

Divination, readings, tarot, scrying, thats what this oil is crafted for. You can use this to annoint your hands before a reading, or to annoint your station, pieces, etc. There are amethyst and quartz crystals inside the oil, along with herbs that are in alignment with higher understanding. Every piece is brought together for the purpose of channelling the information needed for yourself or your client. This wasn't created to "look pretty" , so the herbs are truly herbs, and not just flower petals. :D 


You can also use the oil for anointing your spellwork, petitions, use as a conjure oil and put on candles. 


1/2 ounce of mineral oil in a clear glass apothecary bottle. Not for consumption, okay to contact skin, contains essential oils. Everything is sold as is, no returns, see photos for details of the item. Feel free to ask any questions. :)

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