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Mandrake Secrets

Here are my recommendations, the things I use, and some other fun stuff. One thing to note is that you want a tall planter for a mandrake. Unless you want to drop $100 on a decent/nice planter, then it's a great idea to create your own. Just make sure the plastic is safe/bpa free/etc. (Not going to kill the plant.) Watering-- I am super crazy about how the water hits the plants. I can't handle watering seeds with a heavy-sloppy waterer. It drives me insane. THIS is why you will see the tons of watering options hahahaha. Enjoy! I hope this is helpful. Growing Mandrake Root isn't the easiest thing in the world, but if you pay attention to your experiences, it becomes more natural for you over time. :)

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The Mandrakes LOVE this grow light. You can build it long and narrow or into a rectangle as shown in the pic. Its probably my best mandrake secret.
Great for when you're
paranoid !!
Place Selenite in watering can and leave it there. This will make moon water and the crystal will dissolve into the water, which becomes a fertilizer. (I found this out by accident when my selenite disappeared over time LOL.)
PERFECT WATERER lol. Perfect for seedlings, young plants.
Fantastic Fine Mist
of Perfection. Too fine for watering, but a staple.
Classy looking. lol
Great watering can, removable tip, does it all. Not pretty, but well-made. Best "sprinkler can" but still kinda heavy on the sprinkles. (Which is why I love the electric spray bottle.) But this is all purpose.
Seed Starter Soil is perfect for starting the seeds and can integrate into the new pot, once transplanted.
If you don't use fertilizer in the soil, you will want a liquid fertilizer. Just follow directions and start with half water dilution, then 3/4 into water, then full as per directions. Weekly if stated.
You want it to continue growing in a well-draining soil, you can make your own mixes or try a cactus soil. 

Perfect, but Big.

Great Size.




You will need to burn holes into any plastic vessel for water drainage. 

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