Willog and the Witches Tote
  • Willog and the Witches Tote


    Design : On on side we have Willog, my sweet, anthropomorphic mandragora turcomanica, posed with a hand-carved box from the 1700s or so. On the reverse, is a painting about witches digging up a mandrake at the gallows under a hanged man. Just like you hear in the legends, artists take these inspirations and create beautiful works. The painting is by David Teniers II, in the 1600s. :)

    This practical, high-quality Tote Bag is approximately 18" square with a long enough strap that you can snug your thumb in it when it's over your shoulder. (It's big-body-friendly and comfortable, too!) It makes for a perfect shopping bag and it can hold a lot of stuff. In terms of durability, I feel like it can easily carry 2 gallons of water. Cuz...I put two gallon bottles into mine, to test, hahahha.  All-over-print provides comfort with style at the beach or out in town. Made from reliable materials, lasting for seasons.  <--- pretty good auto-description, it's not rugged, but it's not a P.O.S. :D  - I'm already addicted to them, and need to find more instances and occasions for use. 

    .: 100% Polyester
    .: Boxed corners
    .: Black cotton handles
    .: Black lining