Sabbath Tote
  • Sabbath Tote


    Design : This piece is based on the entheogenic properties of the poison plants. The painting/illustration is from the 1500s and in my interpretation - it's a coven of witches who are at various stages of flight, with an overseer to guide them on their journeys. When I ate the mandrake fruit, I had a vision that was totally crazy for me at the time, and made no sense, other than the feeling of it. Weeks later, I discovered this artwork and my jaw dropped because the vision that I had experienced was depicted in this piece. I knew/know how the woman at the bottom of the image felt lol. I know what she been up to, if you know what I mean. I have seen things through her eyes, in some abstract way. The trippiest part is that someone had vocalized their vision to the artist or through hearsay, and then he was able to paint it into the scene. As an artist, I feel that they meshed the seen with the unseen, or the visual with the mental, it's hard to explain. The energy that is escaping her, that's what I experienced. I don't know what it is, or the meaning of it yet. But it just feels super crazy to have seen something in my mind, connected to something physical, from so long ago. And that's why I connect with this artwork, and perhaps, if you've journeyed, if you've seen or felt the same things, and I would love to know. Please email me or msg me on IG! :D  And, on the reverse, is an account of the discovery of a witches ointment. 

    This practical, high-quality Tote Bag is approximately 18" square with a long enough strap that you can snug your thumb in it when it's over your shoulder. (It's big-body-friendly and comfortable, too!) It makes for a perfect shopping bag and it can hold a lot of stuff. In terms of durability, I feel like it can easily carry 2 gallons of water. Cuz...I put two gallon bottles into mine, to test, hahahha.  All-over-print provides comfort with style at the beach or out in town. Made from reliable materials, lasting for seasons.  <--- pretty good auto-description, it's not rugged, but it's not a P.O.S. :D  - I'm already addicted to them, and need to find more instances and occasions for use. 

    .: 100% Polyester
    .: Boxed corners
    .: Black cotton handles
    .: Black lining