Petition Papers
  • Petition Papers


    This paper was dyed in mandrake compost tea, so every page is soaked with what the mandrakes have physically created. Their DNA is implanted into these papers. If you use conjure, hoodoo or rootwork, these are the papers that you write your petitions on. Your wishes,  your desires. Your binding spells, anything. Mandragora inherently empowers and that's why these pages are so precious. 


    To use, rip the entire page, or a piece of a page for every need that you have. Do  your writings, or sigils and then expire the paper in your desired manner. Some of these include burning, burying, placing in a jar working, mojo bag, poppet, witches ball, the options are endless. :) This can be your "power paper" and you can bring forth the strength of mandrake with each application.


    There are 8 pages, and each one is stamped with a mandrake. Feel free to write over it or around it, whatever your intuition guides you to do. Just know, there is no consistency in the page shapes, sizes, forms lol...they are all very organic, freestyle and you can just be mindful of the application you choose. See video for an idea of how the booklet looks.  OH! And don't eat this. lol. It's like...biologically unsafe. No lipstick blotting, either. well...I guess you could, if you don't make out with it.