Mandrake Root Patch (One of a Kind)
  • Mandrake Root Patch (One of a Kind)


    This is my first completed mandrake patch! There will be more in the future. Each one will be one of a kind and have their own anatomy. My process is to sketch it out in tailors chalk and then embroider over it, and watching the mandrake form. I honestly have no idea how they will look, because I make it up as I go along lol. 


    Made with an 80 year old Singer 114w103 Chainstitch Machine that I restored from an estate. :) The material is upcycled Dickies pants that said 100% cotton, and the color is dark green, but it almost looks like soil! :D So awesome. Measuring at roughly 4x6"  Edges are finished with anti-fraying fabric glue, so just sew this onto your clothing/bag by hand, a few millimeters allowance, leaving the hard edge alone, and you'll be all good. :D (just dont trim or cut it).  And, of course, if anything goes wrong and the threads fall apart, hit me up and I will make you a new one. :) I admit, I'm still a noob, but I never intend to leave you high and dry. <3 This patch is solid, and I am just over-thinking. Time to shut up lol.