Mandragora Autumnalis Seeds
  • Mandragora Autumnalis Seeds


    I have recently gotten *more* into Autumnalis, as it's the variety most used in magical practice through the recent tousands of years. When you read the stories, the myths, the articles, etc - they are referring to Autumnalis. Part of its prevolence is due to the fact that it's, perhaps, the simplest of the mandrakes to sprout and mature. Awesomely, that's what makes these seeds a bit more attainable, yet, all mandrakes are rare and hardly cultivated. 


    These 6 seeds will ship with a stratification guide to help get your babies to sprout before a year passes. :) (Mandrakes are slow growers and can take up to a year or so to even germinate.) -- That should give you some perspective on the longevity of this plant and the speed in which it matures. 


    Growth thought : yes, this variety is known to be smaller than Officinarum...But I think, with ample space, much love and great care, that these guys can grow quite large for a "typical mandrake". I've seen some huge Autumnalis from people around Spain that I've corresponded with. (Now you know my goal, haha GIANT Autumnalis!!) hahah. Who knows, we will see. And maybe you guys will join the journey with me, having these seeds. :)