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Ink of Erebus

Ink of Erebus

Erebus is the dark, nothingness between Hades and Earth. This is the realm of transitional gods/goddesses/spirits, Hekate being one of them. This crossroads/liminal space between realms is a place of conjure, a place of willing spirits to do your biddings. This ink was created from the pigment left behind after botanically dying the skull of my late opossum, Anubis. In this effect, he is an Alchemical Psychopomp that is able to deliver your messages into the ether, by means of sigils or petitions. Just be respectful of the dead and don't ask for things beyond  your means. <3 


PS...The skull was clean and dry before dying lol. Then, the ink and pigment was filtered, boiled and processed many times after the dye bath. So don't worry. :)


This is 20ml of Botanical Bone Ink in a very nice and stable bottle that doubles as an ink well.  Ink color varies on the paper material, paper quality, layers of application, drying conditions, exposure to air / oxidation, heat, and light. Botanical inks are alive, and ever-changing. This won't be a stable medium for permanence. But if you admire nature, change, and seeing how things react to their environment - this will be a fun medium for you. You can use this with a painbrush, dip pen / nib pen, or a dropper to create ink art. Celebrate the impermanence, the mortality. 

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