Hex Oil (Novelty Item)
  • Hex Oil (Novelty Item)


    This is for BAAAAAAD people. Bad-Bad. The bio-hazard symbol on the label isn't just for looks, lol. You may want to wear gloves when opening the bottle, every time. And use a gloved finger to apply the oil to your working. Another option is to get disposable droppers, or a dedicated dropper for this oil. Or a paintbrush, so you don't have to touch anything. Do not put a dropper lid on this bottle, the smell will seep into the rubber and you will smell horrible, from touching the dropper lol. 


    What I mean to say, is that this is "Novelty Only", you don't want to open this jar, it's just for looks.


    What's in here? That's the biggest question. For the most part, I do not remember, because I was enraged when I made it lol. The raw energy has been bottled, uncontainably, for the last year. It's only now, that I've FINALLY made the best ratio, that it will allow itself to be bottled. Previous attempts with cork, rubber....all ended up with the oozing rage seeping out and dripping down the sides of the vessel. SO. Gross. 


    Note : there were bio materials in the mixture, before it was steeped into an oil. I believe, this has imparted the stench and some of the concentrated gross-ities of those ingredients. Just to name some things that I remember - excrements found on the ground, outside lol. Rotten body parts of carrion, fly-infested, maggoted blood chips that had dried out, some really nasty bugs and exoskeletons...and the firework show is the addition of some of my Serial Killer Dirt. (Which was collected/created/imparted, on Friday the 13th Full Moon) . Additional things were added, whatever terrible things I could come across and add, typical things like thorns, etc. In the bottle, you will see castor bean pods, as an added element.  In summation, the smell and energy speaks for itself. This isn't for the person who cut you off on the freeway, this is for the person who ruined a part of your life, or someone you love. This is for when you're not legally able to get the justice required.


    Not made for consumption, nor for skin contact. Novelty product, super gross. :) Everything is sold as is, no returns, see photos for details of the item. Feel free to ask any questions. :)