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    This is a pre-order! :) The oil will be complete on the Halloween Full Moon. The bottle is a mock-up, and each one is hand-decorated/adorned, so there will be irregularities. The name is subject to change, I'm not sure. Also, when the oil is complete, there will be more photos and details in the listing, but the bulk of it will be in the package. 


    Straight-up, this isn't just a bottle of gross stuff. This is botteled hate, dripping with treachery. There are permissive spirits at work inside this bottle that were conjured on a Friday the 13th Full Moon. Extremely unwell and unpleasant people. (The info will be enclosed with the package, because I'm not comfortable sharing the deails on here.) Just...don't purchase unless you have a serious need to right some wrongs or avenge a situation. This isn't for when someone cuts you off on the freeway. Have it on hand, as a security blanket, to know that you have something strong in your arsenal. The parts inside the oil were created on specific nights, with specific attributes and specific spirits involved. I know that I could tell you what went down, in creating this, and that would be a selling point in itself. But that's not what this is about. If you're drawn to it, then it resonates with your work and you may need it now or in the future. The details will be explicitly included with the bottle. Measures will be made to protect you and the surrounding items in your apothecary. 


    P.S. This shouldn't come into contact with skin. Use a paintbrush or a twig. Gloves, mask....lol. 

    They will be Ready in a couple Weeks!

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