Henbane Seeds
  • Henbane Seeds


    Hyoscyamus Niger, Aka Black Henbane, 50+ seeds.


    I am just going to be straight-up honest, I haven't grown henbane, I am only familiar with mandrake. I am offering them as part of my seed collection, and to be part of this accessable poison family. There is growth info on google, BaneFolk has a growing guide, I believe, and I've seen it grown indoors amazingly, by EmporiumBlack. :) So, I think we can do this. hahahah. 


    Each seed packet has been made with a hand-carved rubber stamp, then embossed with gold and wax sealed on the back. There is a little photo inside the packet with minimal details, because...I don't know this poison as of yet. :) I will include some magical properties in place of my expertise!