Hecatean Acorn Candle
  • Hecatean Acorn Candle


    Hecate is a goddess of witchcraft, crossroads, and beyond. She holds the torch in the dark and guides witches. The torch is in the lit candle, Hecate is in the magic of what you seek, and the bee is of the crossroads. These are perfect for necromancy, offerings to ancestors, seeking wisdom beyond the veil, and for quiet moments of manifestation. The acorn is of the Oak tree, which is at the center of Hecate's garden. I feel that this creation is a small, unified morsal of intention. :) 


    Listing is for one single candle. 


    These are Hecatean candles for a number of reasons : lets focus on the wax. Bees are known to be a crossroads / underworld entity. They have been known through antiquity as guardians of the underworld, bees would make their nests in caves and the ancients believed caves to be entrances to the beyond. Because of this, the bees were held in a respectful, dark esteem. 


    My wax, was ethically removed from a tomb in a New Orleans cemetery. The bees travelled between our world, and the dead, in the "city of the dead", and built their lives. By passing through from the dearly departed's dark resting place, and venturing out in the daylight amongst the living - bees are certainly veil walkers. The hives were professionally hired for removal, this wasn't a sneaky/disrespectful harvest. And all respect was paid to the dead, in it's removal. 


    Candles are super dangerous, these ones especially. You want to find a heat-proof place to burn them. They are supposed to float on water, you can burn them this way. If not, you can place them in a vessel of sand, or on a fully heat-proof surface and always under surveillance. Do not leave unattended. These are wild, not a normal candle, so they need unconvential and watchful eyes. :) The whole thing will end up burning up, and they last 4-8 minutes in burn time. :)