Grumpy Little Mandrake

Grumpy Little Mandrake


USA only, live plant. :)


**** These guys need to be transplanted a week after they arrive an have adjusted to your environment. Upon transplant, they could go emo, and their leaves could die off. But they will see the new space, and come back. Another possibility, is that they will be just fine and have a burst of new growth.  No dilly-dallying hahaha send me pics and ask me questions if you need anything.


These guys are twice - to 3x the size and age that I usually sell babies. Their roots vary in size, but the most important fact is that they are "proven" mandrakes, which have come in and out of dormancy between 1 and 3 times. These guys are hardcore, in it for the long-run and are the sturdiest, potted babies that I've shipped, to date.  Transplant with as much root ball intact, as possible.  :)  In order to be most successful with these specific roots, you will need to spoil them with a roomy new pot, and have a gentle transplant. ****


They will be at-random, healthy babies that will survive the shipping and come with a guide for you to help them thrive. :) If you need help at anytime, I am here for you. Send me photos, questions, etc and I will help you to the best of my ability. (Because I am here for the success of the mandrakes, and helping you to sustain them for your working relationship.)  


Mandragora Autumnalis (the most used in the craft), originated in Spain, ships in a tin pot and arrives with directions. Will have anywhere from 2-4 leaves, depending on when it emerged. :) 


They have long been known as the witches familiar and they are the most historically documented plant through the ages. Now, you can tap into that ancient wisdom by taking on one of these spirits. They don't like temps outdoors below 40F and above 90F (in general). And there is success in growing them indoors with a grow light. I will have info and videos later. :D <3