Eros Body Ink
  • Eros Body Ink


    This is a super potent love potion for use with sigil magic. This liquid body potion can be applied to your skin and it will leave a faint residue of the working you've infused into your body. There are extensive ingredients that were very calculated and reside in the house of Eros, the God of sexuality, eroticism, love, marriage, concieving and beyond. You know him today as Cupid. (History re-wrote Eros to be less potent/less threatening and less powerful. He was turned into a trouble-making infant in symbolism.)


    This working, of this potion as a whole was blessed by Eros on the night of love, itself. Februrary 14th, of 2020. The ingredients were collected, wild harvested and gifted from Spirit and Eros, beginning Feb. 1st. Most important, was the dove that shed a white feather on my doorstep, during the creation of my love potion. That feather was cleaned and put into the jar with the other plants and herbs as a direct channel to Eros, which will then be infused into your flesh upon use. 


    My favorite intention for this potion is to have created sigils for attraction, paint them in a public place on your body, and let them be discovered. Those sigils will be faint, and maybe they won't be cognitively noticed at all, but the eyes have swept over the vision of it, and begun your spell. ( Online uses: selfies, videos, chats, etc. )  A limitless and exoticly erotic potion for your skin. Comes with a paintbrush and scroll for guidance.


    Advice : test a brush swipe of the potion on the underside of your forearm to check for allergies before attending any orgies. Socially distanced, of course. ;) 


    Ingredients : Rose Petals, Rose Oil, Dove Feather, Boxwood, Kino, Oak Leaves, Plum Tree Wood, Wild Tendrils, A Spider, Black Nightshade, Crepe Myrtle, Ivy, Clover, Mandrake, Morning Glory, Mistletoe. With the addition of erotic essential oils of : YlangYlang, Sandalwood, Orange, Clary Sage, Rose. (No synthetics and no added color, the red comes from the elements within the potion.)