Custom Sigil
  • Custom Sigil


    This listing is for a custom sigil, based on  your desire. You can give me a sigil that you've created (if you want to keep your wishes private). Or, if you want to have one done in my style, then I can create one for you, based on your given information. If you submit one to me, for creation, just keep all the parts connected, a flowing "line", of sorts. :) 


    This is done with an 80 year old sewing machine, manually controlled under the table with a handle, and that's how I guide the fabric and thread path. This is called "Chain Stitch Embroidery" , and it is done free-hand with a machine. (No electronics lol, well..the motor. haha)


    Fabric is thick cloth, around 4-5" square, roughly. You can trim it, or leave it as-is. Put it on a cork board, magnet to fridge, tape on the wall, hand sew it to a backpack, messenger bag, denim jacket, the butt of your jeans, whatever you want. :) Just know that the edges aren't finished, so they can fray eventually. (So if you want to wear it, just make sure to stitch in place, then trim with some overhang.)  If you prefer felt, for wash-ability, wear-ability, stability, just ask. :)