Copper Mandrake Keychain
  • Copper Mandrake Keychain


    This mandrake was carved into a steel block, by me, a couple years ago. :) I select the thickness of copper, cut out the shape of the "frame", then I anneal with a torch. Once the metal is softer, I can use my hydraulic press to push the copper into the design that I carved, almost like a mold, but its a manual pressing. :)  Once the design is pronounced enough, I can remove it from my press, cut and file any edges, make it super smooth! And then I drill the hole and mount the keyring. A final polish makes it spiffy. 


    Why is this a cool keychain? Because it's super lightweight, yet sturdy, and 10000% handmade. hahaha  I've actually had mine on my keys for a couple years now, so it lasts, too. lol