Bloody Wolfsbane Seeds
  • Bloody Wolfsbane Seeds


    ACONITUM HEMSLEYANUM , Aka Monkshood/Wolfsbane/Aconite , 15 seeds.


    This is a very rare variety of wolfsbane, and it's a vine/climbing variety. I've chosen this for my shop because I think we can all appreciate the passionate color, enjoy a vine and  have some extra rarity in our gardens. It's known as "Red Wine" , but I've switched it up for intensity purposes. (No one else calls it Bloody Wolfsbane, just this crazy plant lady = me. lol. )


    I am just going to be straight-up honest, I haven't grown wolfsbane, I am only familiar with mandrake. I am offering them as part of my seed collection, and to be part of this accessable poison family. There is growth info on google, and I think, as long as we put this plant in a cool, delicate place, it will work. It's said to like sun, but in milder grow zones.  


    Each seed packet has been made with a hand-carved rubber stamp, then embossed with gold and wax sealed on the back. There is a little photo inside the packet with minimal details, because...I don't know this poison as of yet. :) I will include some magical properties in place of my expertise!