Black Nightshade Seeds
  • Black Nightshade Seeds


    Solanum Nigrum, or Black Nightshade is a personal, ancestral plant for me. (Super excited because I've traced my love of Nightshades into the history of my family.)  Ever since moving into my home, this plant spirit has been popping up all over the place in the back yard, as if it's been a resident and I had just joined them. In many countries it's classified as a weed but my research has taught me differently.

    I've traced my great(etc) grandparents to having been among the Germans invited to settle along the Volga River, Russia in the 1700s. Volga Germans, or "Russian Germans" discovered this plant along the Volga River, cultivating Solanum Nigrum as a food crop and used it for traditional dishes. It went by the name "SchwartzBeeren" which translates to " black berry " . When the people of the Volga River started to feel the change in politics, having famine and hardships, my great(etc) grandfather came to America to find suitable land to farm and live off of. He and the other four scouts started the town of Munjor, Kansas. From that point, many Germans emigrated to North American and they were in possession of these sweet, yet tart, nightshade berries.  I have not yet cooked with them, but aside from that, you can use them for inks and spell ingredients. 


    Just a heads up, you may want to see if you have this growing in your area before you buy seeds, because...that would be free. LOL. But, if you're shy about plucking around your neighbors yards, or shady ditches, there are 100 seeds here, for you. :)  In terms of cultivation, they will multiply easy, grow in terrible soil and they like some shade if you'd want them to flourish and grow tall.