BioDegradable Plant Sigils
  • BioDegradable Plant Sigils


    This was an idea that I came up with when I thought to myself "I made a mandrake patch, now what about a patch for a mandrake?" hahah. Now, I'm making plant sigils that are bio-degradable so that you can bury them in the pot with your plant, and it will come to fruition as the soil, organisms, and  your plant, break it down over time. The paper/backing, is made of cotton fibers that are soluable, and the thread is thick Egyptian cotton. :) 


    This listing is for a random sigil that is made for general plant health, and flourishing. So, think of it as an offering or gift of well-wishes. You can charge it before pressing it down into the soil, write on it, or bury it with an outdoors plant/tree that you appreciate. It has extra alignment with magic/mandrakes, and so on, with the selection of natural Egyptian cotton, rather than basic cotton. Cuz...who does basic? hahaha ;P jk


    Side note: if you want a custom sigil for your plant, as a familiar, and you want me to embroider it, let me know. If you want it this size, purchase this listing, and DM me on IG to let me know your purpose for the sigil/request of your familiar. If you want a bigger one, then you can purchase my custom sigil listing, and I will make it biodegradable. :) 


    To make these patches, I use an 80 year old Singer sewing machine. ( Singer 114w103 ) It's not computer generated, I do this all by hand with the help of a motor lol. SO YES...there will be some crazy areas cuz I am human, and I am a crazy one, at that. :D