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Witch - Grown

True Mandrake Root



The Witch

My name is Kristy, my craft name is Acantha, which translates to "thorn". My journey with mandrake began much like any spirited person who seeks rare herbs for their path. Instead of bringing home Mandragora, I brought home Podophyllum, which we know as "American Mandrake". This made me kinda pissy, so I did more research and discovered the true rarity of this plant. I learned that it's hard to grow, stressful and stubborn. Naturally, I like to try anything, so why not add gardening or horticulture to the list? Many, many hours were spent scouring the internet to find information on the cultivation of these mysterious roots. As magic would have it, those secrets are locked away in the old wooden boxes of those who have communed with the Mandragora, herself. My purpose with mandrake is still unclear, but my first mission is to teach, spread awareness and hatch all the seeds I can get my hands on. I am but a tool.



Chaotic Poison


I don't choose my path, it always unravels before me, unexpectedly and ever-evolving. The things I identify with are as follows : Sympathetic Magic, Hoodoo, Green, Hedge, Druidry, Chaos, Primitive, Old World and beyond. Rootwork is my jam, and I am honored to have one of the strongest of those roots - on my side. Boiling it down to light/dark/good/bad...I am a happy rainbow that will not hesitate to react when crossed. Like - Care Bears mixed with Hellraiser. Just stay in your lane and you'll never know my wrath. :)

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